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Estab/19/5090-5189 (Superannuation) Order
Estab/19/3896-3995 (Seniority list of Safaiwalas (Helpers)) Circular
Estab/19/3741-3840 (Dr. Daud Iqbal Baba) Order
Estab/19/3037-59 (Adjustments) Order
Estab/19/3007-19 (RUSA) Order
Adm/TW/19/711-60 (Dr. Hardeep Chahal) Order
Adm/TW/19/761-80 (Dr. Avtar Singh) Order
RUSAJU/2019-20/43/523-573 (RUSA) Circular
No./Coord/Cir/19/207-306 (115th meeting of the University Syndicate) Circular
Adm/TW/19/514-63 (Employees/ Teachers/ Research Scholars falling under FCRA ) Circular
Estab/19/2240-52 (Adjustments/Transfers) Order
Estab/19/2205-39 (Adjustments/Transfers) Order
Estab/19/2253-352 (Utilisation/ Disposal of the grants under RUSA) (Corrigendum) , Circular
Estab/19/2044-2143 (APR's) Circular
F.Acd./II/19/1299-1358 (Respond to various Academic/ Administrative matter in a time bound manner) Circular
Estab/19/1696-1795 (Workshop on Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Circular
Estab/19/1596-1695 (Prof. Jasbir Singh, Prof. Sushil Kumar Pandey) Order
SS/JU/2019/88-188 (Free service camp for Photocopier Machines in University of Jammu) Circular
Estab/19/1312-25 (Promotions) Order
Estab/19/1338-1437 (Promotions) Order
Estab/19/1326-37 (Promotions) Order
Adm/TW/19/323-72 (Head, Dept. of History) Order
Estab/19/953-1052GPF/Adv/19/25-124 (SRO 12 of 2018 dated 11th Jan, 2018) Circular
Estab/19/953-1052 (Organizing of function/ event) Circular
Estab/19/853-952 (Agreement with ABN Personnel Network for providing manpower) Circular