Jammu University clarifies baseless allegations

Apropos to the news item published in section of press regarding “appointment of Dy Registrars and replacement of former Registrar” wherein some baseless allegations have been levelled against the University and the Vice-Chancellor. The factual detail is submitted as under:

1. The University of Jammu at present is following the reservation rules as per SRO 294 of 2005 dated 21st October 2005 issued by the Social Welfare Department, Jammu and Kashmir Govt. read with SRO 144 of 2008 dated 28/5/2008 for the appointment of non teaching cadres upto the positions of Section Officer and equivalent.

For the post of Dy. Registrar, as per existing Statutes, there has been no reservation policy in vogue since inception of the University. Reservations are made applicable for Officers at entry level only i.e. for the post of Assistant Registrar. The same was followed in the interviews for the post of Assistant Registrars, held alongwith the interviews of the Deputy Registrars.

2. The process of inviting applications and short listing the same for the posts of Deputy Registrars commenced as early as 2013 and the process was completed in 2018. The entire process of short listing the candidates, preparation of list of eligible candidates and seeking objections, if any, was completed during the tenure of Dr. Meenakshi Kilam as Registrar. The then Registrar, while supervising the exercise did not raise the question of implementation of roaster for the said posts, as has been claimed by section of press. The claim, therefore, by a section of print media with regard to the replacement of Dr. Kilam and holding unfair interviews is imaginary and unfounded.

3. The Financial Advisor had officially deputed his nominee as per past precedence wherein nominees have represented their seniors, number of times even in the important meetings of statutory bodies of the University. Prof. Sangmi in the capacity of Dean College Development Council, University of Kashmir and member of the Jammu University Syndicate was present in the meeting. Prof. Sangmi is the member of the Jammu University Syndicate by virtue of his position as Dean College Development Council, University of Kashmir, as of now. Needless to mention that Prof. Sangmi had attended the recently held meeting of Syndicate of University of Jammu as a Dean, College Development Council, University of Kashmir on the invitation of former Registrar wherein former Registrar was Member Secretary of the Syndicate meeting.

4. For the last around 15 years, any teacher or officer of the University is being authorized by the Vice-Chancellor to function as Registrar and for other equivalent positions of the University on additional charge. The same holds true for former Registrar too.

Prof. R.K. Ganjoo or any other teacher, holding the post of Registrar or any other equivalent Administrative position in the University are essentially the Professors of the University and are in their active service. Therefore, in view of the above and in the interest of administration, Prof. R.K. Ganjoo has been authorized to function as Registrar purely as a short term arrangement as per past practice.

The University would have appreciated, had the section of print media verified the facts from the concerned office before filing the story. It is, therefore, once again requested to verify the news before filing any such story that tarnishes the image of this institution of highest learning